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Recipe: Layer Cake

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sweaty Pony Weekly Check Ups<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Layer some facts with trust and truths and cut in one stick of butter mix it well until all is smooth then bless it once and cover bake it ’til it’s golden crisp serve quickly, … Continue reading

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Five Cats

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Five cats remain stuck up a tree just north of Webster street with townspeople at their wit’s fraying end wondering what to do about it. The Grand Rapids police have claimed that it is the fire … Continue reading

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the dream of finding bones — teeth primarily — and fractured pieces, formerly limbs, the spine, and a jaw. All buried in moist, soft sediment by a chilly lake. The lake itself is still, surrounded by thick dewy grass. secluded … Continue reading

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That Can’t Be Right

“But that can’t be right,” protested young Heppmurt to the monk. “There must be a logical and correct course of action.” The monk was perched on his favorite boulder, smiling broadly, wetness standing out at the corners of his eyes. … Continue reading

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