A Gift Still Wrapped

There is no wider space than silence. It is a gift still wrapped, a fantasy undefined, a gravity well of possibilities. Words disturb the tranquil perfection.


Johns Hopkins is Pretty Dumb

Dear Vivian, WOWOWW I think a lot of those are really good schools anyway! Johns Hopkins is pretty dumb for not accepting you because it seems like you're really smart and are also in every club known to mankind!!!!! I bet you'll like whichever one you pick. I haven't even started THINKING about college yet. …

Trina Fenton is Trouble

Dear Christopher, Did I see you smoking with Trina Fenton on the soccer fields? Love, Sammy   Sammy -- Yeah kinda. --Christopher Dear Christopher, You shouldn't do that. She's trouble. Besides, smoking is bad for you. Love, Sammy Sammy -- K. Sorry. -- Christopher