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Book IX of Q’ri ru-Bloviart

Research Note #43: It is widely considered as fact by the historical community that Aamer Belkins-Dunjhab began his translation work of Gjeunse literature while still a resident of the Goonscape. While numerous translated artifacts may exist in that alternate dimension, it is … Continue reading

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Man’s Best Friend

iBuild Alpha had spent the past 86 hours reviewing all available information about domesticated dogs, canis lupus, bitches, puppies, doggos, and the wolf. It confounded her somewhat that this lower order mammal should hold the title for mankind’s favorite animal seemingly … Continue reading

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Recipe: Layer Cake

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sweaty Pony Weekly Check Ups<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Layer some facts with trust and truths and cut in one stick of butter mix it well until all is smooth then bless it once and cover bake it ’til it’s golden crisp serve quickly, … Continue reading

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Inefficiency as Performance Enhancement

The singularity runs both ways. People always get that stupid look on their face talking about AI and our culture’s mad dash to “replace” people with intelligent or highly efficient machinery. I’m not saying that won’t happen but it annoys … Continue reading

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General Notes on the Aesthetics of Goon Architectural Style and Homes

The domicile of the average Gjeunse (both family and individual), while always unique, does tend to approach a general conformity in aesthetic preference. They live in small, free-standing structures that can economically accommodate about six. Their homes and frequently businesses … Continue reading

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Five Cats

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Five cats remain stuck up a tree just north of Webster street with townspeople at their wit’s fraying end wondering what to do about it. The Grand Rapids police have claimed that it is the fire … Continue reading

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Indexing this foul laboratory has been one of the most bitter tasks of my life. Consider, the Adendactylometer. Not solely comprised of man and beast in ghastly combination but machine as well. Glands. All types of glands from the brains, … Continue reading

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Raining, melting snow

banish not divine, entitled, hopes nor reject Reason’s mighty conquest but intuit that the humans’ life is but tragic comedy at best for whose eyes? it does not matter to what end, you shall not know but the currents and … Continue reading

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